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Sporting, Hunting, Muzzleloading

Law Enforcement, Security, Military

BowPro – All Natural product line

Maritime Usage


BB Delaware

“Thank you very much.  I have been in law enforcement for over 33 years and a firearms instructor for over 20, this is by far the best product I have seen!!!”


Matthew Trout

Director of Firearms at INPAX Academy

I just wanted to again, say thank you and let you know our team is actively promoting SEAL 1 to a wide spectrum of clients; from competitive shooters, our defensive firearms classes, and clients in the retail space. Not sure what your magic sauce is, but please keep putting it out there!


Capitol Region Emergency Services Team- CT

Found SEAL 1 at the CT SWAT Challenge. Spoke with Scott Lee and then purchased the paste for my stag ar-15 patrol rifle and glock 21SF. Have to say its the best cleaner / lubricant out there. 400 rounds through the stag and its running strong and smooth ! Thank you SEAL 1 and Scott Lee.

Sean Menches

If your looking for a non wet lube for your firearm… I highly recommend SEAL 1, LLC. Ran it on 6 FNH Scar’s for the last 2 weeks and nothing but good to go. Did not have crap all over the lower and coming out of the upper. Normally we have to run the Scars wet… but with the Seal 1 product, it was dry which kept sand and dirt from clinging to the weapon. Check them out and give it a try…

Why use SEAL 1 Products?

  • Our team has set many industry standards with Green Engineered Lubricants, Cleaners, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Seize and Unique Niche Products. 
  • We specialize  in Eco-based products for the Tactical, Archery, Marine, Sporting, Shooting Industry, Military and Law Enforcement fields.
  • SEAL  1 products are proudly Made in Maine from USA raw materials.
  • SEAL 1 is the recognized leader in “Green Engineered” products and product development. Made in the USA at our factory in Maine.